What is this healthy, satisfying,
delicious alternative?

Have you often wondered why it’s so difficult to find a lunch that is healthy, yet still tasty and filling? Well, so have we!

That’s where the famish’d concept came from. We offer our customers LARGE (really!) salads   spuds, each served with our award winning crusty bread.

Will other stores be opening?

That’s the plan! We’re on the lookout for awesome locations in other areas that we think are also lacking in healthy, satisfying, delicious food so watch this space!

Does famish’d offer anything

We sure do!
Firstly, we know a salad doesn’t always cut it on those really icy days, so during winter, we’ll also be offering some hearty soups and baked potatoes. Check out our daily soup on either our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook page.

What makes famish’d salads

You’re right. There are salads & spuds around. But famish’d is different …

Firstly, wait til you try the famish’d favourite salads – no standard Greek, Caesars and Nicoise’s here! The famish’d favourites are different to your standard salads and wait til you try our famous home-made dressings.

Secondly, famish’d salads & spuds can be custom-made – this means that we create it, but you design it. You can include the things you love (or double serves of them!) and never again will you have to pick out those little things that you really hate.

Plus, famish’d salads & spuds are GENUINELY big! Not big by our standards … big by the standards of all our loyal famish’d fanatics. Just to make sure you are full at the end (and because we all know the best part is mopping up the dressing!), each soup and salad comes with a slice of our award winning, crusty bread. Everything is prepared in store daily using as much of the freshest, free-range happy and local produce as possible.

But first, coffee

Our choice of ST. ALi. Speciality Coffee reflects our commitment to only offering you the best.

ST. ALi. travel the globe, in search of unique speciality coffees and developing direct trade relationships with the best coffee growers in the world. After receiving graded beans from the growers at their roastery in South Melbourne, ST. ALi. cup and carefully roast the beans in small batches, to ensure they maintain their distinct flavour.

ST. ALi. are careful to ensure that the quality of the bean is maintained, just as fruit should be and this meticulous attention to quality is passed onto you at famish’d.
But that’s all the behind the scenes stuff. Its our talented and friendly baristas that make your pit stop into work a joy, rather than a chore. See you for a coffee soon!

To accompany your coffee…

In keeping with our lunch offering, our brekky options are rapidly getting a cult following. From huge Hangover Toasties to the healthier home-made bircher, we’ve got your covered.